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Kruger and Building 2wks

Amazing, inspirational trip which has given me a new perspective on life!

Con Fillis
Australia (01/03/2010)
Mpho Nhlengethwa
Tour Guide

Mpho serves as one of our 3 tour guides, operating from Swaziland. Originally from Lobamba, Swaziland, the Lobamba Village tour is his specialty as well as the Swazi to Cape tour. Mpho is a skilled communicator, has a memory of an elephant, a passion for music and understands volunteers well.

Humpback Whales!!!

The humpback whales have arrived in force this season in Tofo, the home of our Marine Research Center! Every year we see humpback whales pass by our coast during their migration. On 23 August we participated in the East African Synchronise Whale Watch,

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