The All Out Wildlife Fund supports groundbreaking research into threatened species of birds, reptiles and small mammals.

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Savanna Conservation

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Conserve wildlife, and conduct meaningful field research. Join us and help conserve bats, vultures, marabou storks, toroises and other threatened species in Swaziland.

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Savanna Conservation

Helping out with conservation in the bush provided me with an experience and knowledge that I'll with me back home. It has reassured me that this is the type of work i would like to do for many years to come.

Callie Sanchez
Scott Matthews & Jasmin Muller
Manager, Lidwala Backpackers Lodge

This dynamic duo joins All Out Africa as the Managers of Lidwala Backpackers Lodge! Jasmin and Scott met three years ago during an adventure to South America. Sharing similar passions they began their travel research with the ultimate goal of one day owning their own tourism business. Jasmin was born and raised in Switzerland and over her life has been all over the world. She received her degree in Tourism Management and has used this degree to manage several businesses in the travel industry. Scott was born in The USA and graduated university with a Fine Art degree and has spent the last ten years teaching and traveling. Together Scott and Jasmin have seen nearly 50 countries from all corners of the earth. They feel working in the field of volunteer travel/adventure tourism means spending every day in an environment that most people only get to spend a couple of weeks in if they are lucky. Scott and Jasmin enjoy working with volunteers to be a part of people's life changing experiences and to encounter many great personalities. They love everything about Swaziland, from the weather to the landscape as well as the people and their culture and plan to be here for quite some time.

Marabous, motion cameras and tortoises

While the early months of the Savannah project were a bit slow, the project has finished the year with a bang as we welcomed a new agent ISV and their students to the conservation volunteer team.

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