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Savanna Conservation

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Conserve wildlife, and conduct meaningful field research. Join us and help conserve bats, vultures, marabou storks, toroises and other threatened species in Swaziland.

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Savanna Conservation

I loved the experience and it felt good knowing we were helping to make a difference.

Matt Plickert
UK (01/08/2011)
Tanja Kaselowski
Savanna Conservation Project Coordinator

Tanja works as our Savanna Conservation Project Coordinator. Born and bred in South Africa, Tanja has plenty of hands-on 'bush' experience around various parts of Southern Africa. Holding a Masters in Botany, Tanja's passion for all things conservation-related is truly infectious, and she is humbled by that fact that her day to day job with All Out Africa involves conducting ground breaking ecological research of international importance. Living and working in the heart of the African bushveld in the majestic Kingdom of Swaziland, Tanja wants as many people as possible to experience this truly inspiring sense of beauty and worth, which will ultimately etch your soul and change your life!


Marabou Storks have a reputation for being very ugly and incredibly smelly birds, something we cannot in anyway dispute

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